ella minnow

One of the places where I feel most at home (aside from, uh, my home) is in a bookstore. More specifically, an independent bookstore. The beauty of independent bookstores is that no two are alike; they all have their specific quirks and charms, their unique categories for organizing their shelves, their varied (but invariably knowledgeable) staff. There’s no better place for book-buyers. So I’m happy to do my small part to help independent bookstores stay in business. I indulge my book-buying habit at indies. And on Saturday, April 30, I get to take part in Authors for Indies at the beautiful Ella Minnow Books in my Toronto neighbourhood! I’ll be there from 12:00 to 2:00 that day, recommending some of my fave books for young readers. Join me. Buy some books. Be part of a passionate community of book writers, book readers and book sellers!