It’s a cold January afternoon, and I’m just back from the library. I went looking for a particular book and, after browsing nearby shelves, came away with that book and two others that looked interesting. Browsing is the best! And there’s something deliciously cozy about leaving the library with a small stack of books on a winter’s afternoon. The anticipation of getting back home to a warm cup of tea and some time spent paging through my reading stash – that’s a feeling that never gets old.

What that feeling reminds me of most are the countless winter afternoons I spent with my daughters when they were small and I needed to find ways to keep them entertained when things got too cold outside. We’d trek to our local library branch (side note: pushing a stroller over snowy, un-shoveled sidewalks is a huge workout!) and spend an hour or so pulling picture books off the shelves, reading some there, setting some aside to take home. It was wonderful to know we had such easy access to a pretty much endless supply of books – all for free! The library made a long winter a little more bearable.

Now my daughters are 20 and 16. The oldest one texted me yesterday from her art-school university library about some research she was doing. The youngest mentioned working over the lunch hour on a project at her high school library. I’d like to think that as they work their way towards their futures, they remember those old, warm feelings that come from spending an hour or two with their mom, surrounded by books.

Time to put the kettle on; I’ve got some library books to explore!

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