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Month: September 2014

Honeycomb Party

One of the earliest scenes in Honeycomb is a party. An after-party, really. It takes place after my protagonist, Nat, and her friends Jess and Harper perform together for the first time as a trio. In it, I try to capture the excitement, noise, conversation and fun that happen when a bunch of people get together to celebrate the start of something new.

I’m hoping to replicate that kind of fun at my launch party for Honeycomb – the after-party of its getting published! It’ll take place here in Toronto at Murphy’s Law, a fave local pub, in its cosy 3rd floor loft. The date, Thursday, October 23. The time, 6:00 to 9:00 pm. (Though, being a pub, they’re not likely to kick anyone out if you want to stay longer!) And speaking of local, my neighbourhood’s lovely bookstore for kids, Ella Minnow, will be on hand to sell copies of the book so I can sign them for you.

Hope you can help me celebrate!

Honeycomb Box Set

Okay, I know a “box set” actually means a collection of a well-established musician’s or band’s CDs, but that’s the term that popped into my head when I opened this particular box from my publisher, Orca, today.


That’s because my novel Honeycomb is all about young musicians and the dreams and ambitions they have for their futures. Futures that might even include their own box sets (or whatever the technological equivalent of that might be years from now).

When I began writing I barely dared to imagine that I’d be receiving a box of my own books from a publisher. But today it happened. After a lot of work and a lot of support, I got my own box set!

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