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Authors for Indies

ella minnow

One of the places where I feel most at home (aside from, uh, my home) is in a bookstore. More specifically, an independent bookstore. The beauty of independent bookstores is that no two are alike; they all have their specific quirks and charms, their unique categories for organizing their shelves, their varied (but invariably knowledgeable) staff. There’s no better place for book-buyers. So I’m happy to do my small part to help independent bookstores stay in business. I indulge my book-buying habit at indies. And on Saturday, April 30, I get to take part in Authors for Indies at the beautiful Ella Minnow Books in my Toronto neighbourhood! I’ll be there from 12:00 to 2:00 that day, recommending some of my fave books for young readers. Join me. Buy some books. Be part of a passionate community of book writers, book readers and book sellers!

Honeycomb Box Set

Okay, I know a “box set” actually means a collection of a well-established musician’s or band’s CDs, but that’s the term that popped into my head when I opened this particular box from my publisher, Orca, today.


That’s because my novel Honeycomb is all about young musicians and the dreams and ambitions they have for their futures. Futures that might even include their own box sets (or whatever the technological equivalent of that might be years from now).

When I began writing I barely dared to imagine that I’d be receiving a box of my own books from a publisher. But today it happened. After a lot of work and a lot of support, I got my own box set!

Limelights Trailer! And Sample Chapters!

My publisher, Orca, has put together a lovely trailer for their Limelights series of books. You can check it out – and even read sample chapters, including one from Honeycombhere. Enjoy your sneak peek before the curtain officially rises September 1st!

And so it begins.

Welcome to my blog! I’ll be writing about my novel, Honeycomb, arriving in Fall 2014. I’ll be writing about libraries, because I’ve loved them my whole life. I’ll be writing about walking, because I find walking to be a vital part of my writing process – and my living process. And I’ll be writing about anything related to all of the above. I’m happy to have you along with me.

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